Kovie Laveau, an alcoholic, pill-popping local reporter wages a fanatic pursuit for revenge against an old college rival who she believes slighted her.

Published: 2004


princess shakina’s locks

This moral story is about a proud princess who risks the stability of her mother’s kingdom in exchange for a magic potion that promises to make her lovely locks even more beautiful.

Published: 2007


Brandon’s chamber of amazing tales

Oh, the places readers will go as they experience the magic and adventure in this must-have collection of 43 brand-new original stories and poems for children young and old.  

Published: 2005



Early cookbooks were fit for royals in America. In early history, the oldest published recipe collections emanated from palace monarchs. Back then, no one was trying to build a business out of selling cookbooks. Instead, they were often created for families to pass down the generational pipeline. Deep South Done: Beyond Gumbo is not just a great book with incredible recipes. It also captures the hidden history and culture of the world’s first people.

Release Date: August 2022


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