New Book 2021

The Journey: Deep South Done: Beyond Gumbo

To write a great book is to take on an incredible challenge. But nothing could have prepared me for Deep South Done: Beyond Gumbo. I overworked, under-slept, did a lifetime of research, and spent six years actually writing the manuscript and playing music in the kitchen. By the last save, I had a million-word encyclopedia of rough historical content and recipes. This was the product of an unremitting interest in something historically valuable, food for thought and the palate. 

I read them. Thousands of books on the subject, including biblical text. Sifted through old state papers, archives, journals, letters, in various languages, traveled to ancient sites, and spent endless hours a slave to my computer. All of which took me on an emotional rollercoaster to places I had never been. It was a journey through human past, where I met people and gods with no name and visited places with many names, all over the world.

When I write, typically, I write with an open mind, allow the self-willed characters to tell their own stories. This was different. It was non-fiction. It hidden history. It was Deep South Done: Beyond Gumbo. At last!